One chew a day keeps the orthodontist away.

Introducing "Jurassic Jaw" - the daily chewable that keeps your child's jaw strong.

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Have you ever thought it was odd that so many of us needed braces? That we got surgery to get our wisdom teeth removed?

"80% of children are growing up with crooked teeth today, 200 years ago there was almost none."

Dr John Flutter - President of the Australian Association of Orofacial Orthopaedics

Our ancestors had perfectly aligned teeth. So, what happened?

The culprit is the modern diet

The soft food we are feeding our children leads to an underdeveloped jaw, which leads to very negative consequences.

The good news!

Dentists treat the symptom, but little attention is paid to the cause : a weak jaw.

Fortunately, if your child has not yet hit puberty you still have a window of opportunity to make it right. With only 5 minutes of hard chewing a day your child can develop a strong jaw.

  • Malocclusion

    A soft diet leads to malocclusion, which itself leads to issues with speaking, chewing and self-esteem.
  • Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea is known to leads to many problems such as brain fog, mood swings, inability to focus during the day.
  • Brain Development

    There is a direct link between weak jaw development and delayed brain development.
  • Speech

    A weak jaw can lead to speech impairments.
  • Looks

    An underdeveloped jaw can impact your child's appearance.
  • Eating

    Without properly chewing your child will not break down nutrients sufficiently.
  • Mouth Breathing

    Studies link mouth breathing to adverse craniofacial development.
  • Cost - Save $6 500

    Prevention is better (and cheaper) than the cure. The average American family pays $6 500 in orthodontics per child.



  • Suitable for children from 2 to 11 years old.

  • Extra chewy! The Jurassic Jaw bar will provide a solid & safe jaw workout for your child!

  • 30-days money-back no-questions asked guarantee! If you try it and you don't love it, it's free!

  • We refined the recipe to make sure kids will love it! We also made it healthy & very low sugar (1.5 grams per bar!)

  • Strong jaw

    Prevent your child from developing a weak jaw.

  • Effortless breathing

    Ensure your child is properly breathing through his nose.

  • Multivitamin needs

    Our chewables are packed with essential vitamins.

Remember, a well-developed jaw is more than just a cosmetic advantage - it's an essential component of your child's overall health and development.

"Our ancient ancestors chewed for hours a day, every day. And because they chewed so much, their mouths, teeth, throats, and faces grew to be wide and strong and pronounced. Food in industrialized societies is processed that it hardly requires any chewing at all."

- James Nestor, Author of the New York Times Best Seller #1 Breath


A new pioneering field that seeks to avoid invasive treatments and surgery in favor of guiding proper teeth and face development through natural methods such as proper chewing.

(Dr Mew, Lecturer and lead clinician at the London School of Facial Orthotropics)